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Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is Intentional Marketing

“Google it”, “Did you Google it?” .. How many times have you heard these phrases over the years? Most likely, you’ve heard it more and more as the years have passed, and that is not going to slow down anytime soon. Users know that one way or another, they can locate the information they are searching for by using Google’s search engine.

Inter Sytee SEO + Web Design helps Maryland business owners reap a surplus of benefits from using Google and Facebook Ads. Google and Facebook manages billions of searches per day, let alone the trillions of searches managed per year. Amid all of these searches, there are users looking for solutions to everyday situations. These users are your potential customers. They are searching, hoping to find your business that can either answer their questions, relieve them of their issues, or point them in the right direction. When you are the resource that can give them the answer they are in search of, search engine users are probably going to choose your business over a competitor.

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What is PPC?

PPC is a method of advertising online that is added to your marketing strategies. This allows businesses to strategically place ads in calculated spaces online. Using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) to increase revenue for your business is a practical, inexpensive way to market your business and bring in many new customers. The best part, well one of the many - you do not pay unless someone clicks on your website’s ad. So basically, when a user clicks on your ad, your business pays a predetermined fee. This fee is referred to the cost per click (CPC), which can vary dramatically.

Needless to say, when you optimize Google and Facebook to reach your target audience, you are using intentional marketing. Google AdWords paired with other SEO techniques provided by our expert team gives your business the chance to outrank and speed past other businesses in your local market.

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Breakthrough with PPC

PPC is highly targeted.

You can choose the exact type of people you want to see your ads. Their location, key phrases or words, personal interests, gender, age, language, and even their device can narrow this down. This opportunity allows you to advertise your products and services intentionally and directly to the people who are most likely to be interested in them.

It gives opportunity for retargeting.

Statistics have shown that out of 100 visitors, only two will convert on their first visit. In other words, 98 percent of your initial traffic is simply “reach”. By retargeting your business has the chance to remind the majority who did not make a purchase to return to your site and see what they are missing.

Undeniably cost effective.

Remember, you only have to pay a fee when your ad has actually been clicked, cost per click. Inter Sytee considers the fact that the top three spots for advertising on search results pages get almost half of the clicks, 46 % to be more precise. S, you are more likely to succeed.

Easily trackable.

In other words, we can monitor how your ads are performing and make adjustments if they are not getting as many clicks as expected. Businesses also benefit because you can be more cognitive of which ads are driving sales and helping your business and which ones are not.

A quick response.

We want you to understand, ranking high in organic search results is just as important as PPC, the difference is it takes time to get there. So while we work to rank your business organically, we often suggest using the benefits of PPC for short-term benefits.

Organic ranking = long-term, PPC = short-term.

We encourage you to give PPC serious thought. At the end of the day, the tremendous benefit PPC has to offer your business is that it helps your website get the attention it deserves quickly, from the people who will most appreciate it.

The way Inter Sytee applies Google ads to your business' success is by getting your business in front of as many buyers as possible, every time they search. This puts customer eyes on the prize, and you are that prize.

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Increasing Traffic and Sales with a PPC Campaign

Pay per click marketing is vital for your business to build authority and presence across search engines and digital marketplaces, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Inter Sytee offers our ability to execute and manage all elements of business owners’ PPC Marketing efforts so we can get them the most effective and successful ROI. Ready to get this thing moving? Our expert PPC strategists are here to analyze your current website, review your goals, and overall business structure to help better understand your mission and create a customized campaign that will surely outshine your competitors.

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Social Media is Revolutionary!

Businesses leverage Facebook for a reason—well, many reasons. Huge reach, low ad spend, heavy targeting capabilities, so on and so forth.

You may be thinking, “This is a piece of cake!” Not so much. Granted, once you get the concepts down, you are pretty set, but Inter Sytee is here to help you manage all the frequent changes in algorithms and allowances, monitoring audiences, metrics, and analytics, and make it all make sense to you.

Our team of experts works diligently to oversee your ad accounts, while watching changes in the competition, lookalike audiences that may overlap, custom audiences that may become overexposed, and more!

Sales Leads Influenced By Facebook Ads

Facebook, alone, gains one of the highest daily traffic rates on the internet. Using effective Facebook ads will gain the attention you need to develop unique business leads that turn into sales by directing them toward a target audience. Facebook marketing takes an understanding of the underlying algorithms used to reach a sufficient level of customer engagement.

Business owners afraid to use it for the genius marketing tool that it truly is. This is because of the vast amount of misinformation given to new users and thereafter, the misuse of the tool. As a result, a lack of success can be delivered and to some, failed ads are all to be seen coming from the media giant.

On the other hand, say your business is one that has had a high success rate with Facebook ads. Have you been using the right plan for your ad to generate sales? Is it enough for customers to find your business and not show the level of customer engagement you need? Or not even consider a purchase? Probably not! Your expectation is to generate more business, more leads, and more sales, right?

Inter Sytee SEO + Web Design use social media marketing to increase sales and provide positive brand management. Customer engagement from your target audience is crucial, and Facebook ads, when done correctly, can give you the needed engagement to turn leads into sales.


Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

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marketing service in maryland

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marketing service in maryland
marketing service in maryland