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What is Brand Development?

Brand development is the foundation of any successful, long-term business structure. It is a calculated process of developing and defining your business’ image, products, and services from others in your niche community. Development is the time to align your brand with your business objectives, ensuring effective communication of your brand to your target audience. This can be updated anytime to encourage the strengthening of your brand.

Because we know and understand that developing your brand is an evergreen process, we work with businesses to develop, update, and maintain their branding. When you meet goals, look at them as more of business landmarks that prompt new ideas, strategies, products, and services as your business continues to grow. As a result, your strategy may take on a new life through the years as trends and needs change and/or your business begins influencing new audiences.

Have you ever heard of the Three Little Pigs? “A house of straw or wood will never be as strong as a house made of brick.”

In laments terms, not anything built on an unstable foundation will withstand a storm or “big bad wolf.” Honestly speaking, what you have built probably won’t get too far off the ground anyway.

Inter Sytee makes sure you are building a strong foundation for your business. Like we mentioned before, this process is forever evolving and changing with the times and we want to make sure you don’t fall behind!

marketing branding

Inter Sytee and Our Major Keys to Brand Development

· Brand Market Research

· Finding Your Target Audience

· Brand Positioning & Messaging

Brand Market Research

By conducting extensive market research, you have the unique opportunity to understand what the driving force for your brand’s value is.

You open the door to questions like, “What do the buyers in my audience want or need, and how can my business deliver it?” opposed to, “How can my business communicate our products or services?” This research also gives business owners insight into how to best connect with buyers in a meaningful and effective way.

Finding Your Target Audience

When targeting a market, there is a specific group of people, you will want to connect with your brand message. In all actuality, this demographic is the one that is most likely interested and willing to buy the products or services your business offers. Inter Sytee helps you find the specific people that have similar traits and characteristics that prompts their natural attraction to your brand. Your ability to clearly define your target audience will make life easier because it is the foundation to creating a brand that repeatedly connects with your target audience.

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Brand positioning helps establish how you fit into your market. Positioning opens the door for you to define the ways your brand is different from your competitors. An effective marketing strategy includes developing a brand that will attract your target audience in a calculated way. Brand positioning is a direct link to customer loyalty and your business’ value in the market.

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Inter Sytee and Our Medium Keys to Unique Brand Development (Identity)

· Brand Color Scheme

· Brand Typography (Fonts)

Brand Color Scheme

The color scheme you create for your brand will be a key player across your marketing assets. It influences your business logo creation, content design, the design of your website, and so much more! Utilizing brand colors consistently across all your media platforms can result in a seamless look and feel for your company, making it more impactful and recognizable, regardless of where your audience finds you.

Color is a huge part of the day to day lives and experiences that we all have. Because of this, it is super easy to take it for granted. But, if you slowed down and focused your attention on things around you - your emotional response to specific colors, you may recognize certain colors affect how you respond or what you think.

Studies have shown about 85% of buyers say that color is the main reason they decided on buying a specific product.

Brand Typography (Fonts)

There's a lot more to typography than scrolling through a dropdown menu to find a font that looks like it may “work”.

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type referring to the letters and characters. This is more than just the simple design of letters or characters but the strategic way in which they are arranged. We’re talking point size, spacing, and line length.

Why Is Typography Important?

Typography is literally everywhere you turn. Your morning coffee cup, your computer screen, or even social media. They all have a role in controlling how your message is delivered.

Now this may sound like a lot of work, which it is in the grand scheme. But as we mentioned, building a strong foundation is how the well-known brands you see every day have been able to stake their claim in various industries.

Let Inter Sytee keep your foundation strong even after you decide to remodel your business!

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Improved Brand Strategy

What is a Brand Strategy?

Inter Sytee will help you work through all the motions of developing your brand, so you can focus on where you want to reach your audience. The extensive research of you audience and market will help determine the best fits for your brand as well as how to market to specific platforms.

A brand strategy is a long-term plan created to achieve a chain of long-term goals. A successful brand strategy comprises of the brand's voice, mission, promises, and WHY, and how these are communicated to the brand’s audience.

Many business owners are misled, believing a brand strategy is a collective of a logo, color scheme, or website; though these creative elements are the foundation to a successful brand strategy, as they are major keys in the brand development process.

What Goes Into a Successful Brand Strategy?

The main goal of a brand strategy is to shout your business from the rooftops, letting the world know your brand is here, it’s purpose, and what drives it. A brand strategy is a long-term strategy that has obligatory revisions over time based on its success and ROI.

The success of a brand strategy can be difficult to measure. Brand strategies typically include intangible elements so it is crucial to decide from the beginning how the strategy’s success will be measured.


Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

marketing service in maryland
marketing service in maryland

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marketing branding
marketing branding