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Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is a strategy used to influence what and how people think and feel about a brand or person when viewed online. Put another way, your personality and qualities are who you are; your reputation is who other people think you are. In this new age, reputation is mainly based on the findings of artificial intelligence systems like Google.

Our experts use advanced technology to quickly repair your damaged online reputation, reduce your vulnerability, and increase your brand's reputation to be better than it was before.

Reputation management goes by a variety of names:

• Reputation Management

• Online Reputation Management (ORM)

• Internet Reputation Management

• Impression Management

• Brand Perception

• Brand Reputation Management

Whatever term you choose to use, the target is to mold public perception in your favor.

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Why Is Reputation Management Important?

A strong reputation is an essential role in the success of any business.

Considering potential stakeholders, investors, employees, and customers alike – you want your business perception to be within a positive light. A strong reputation opens potential for a slew of benefits for the business.

Reputation Management Benefits Could Include:

• Attracting talent and employee retention

• Elevating and improving social profile

• Reducing risk management and audits

• Growing product and service awareness

• Lengthening long-term client value

• Encouraging new investment and raising share performance

With the above and many other advantages of having a good reputation, it is not a mystery that the desire is to keep your business’ reputation polished. Nonetheless, brand reputation management on a short-term basis is not a replacement for time spent actively growing a positive business reputation. Short-term management paired with time spent growing your business are a force to be reckoned with!

In the world we live in today, anyone can do a credibility check on you or your business. And trust us, they will without hesitation!

It is disheartening when negative coverage appears online and all the years of hard work you have put in become discredited as a result. It is also annoying if you have managed to be at fault for something in the past that you wish you could close, but you just cannot.

Our experts recognize the high-level of importance placed on business and personal reputations so we work hard to increase and maintain the reputations of our clients.

Reputation is everything – when it is at risk, everything you love is too!

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What People Think Reputation Management Is

If you run a quick search on Google will show a ton of posts describing the concepts of reputation management. They will even tell you how it can be accomplished, mostly focusing on a company’s brand reputation. You will often find tips on how to highlight great ratings while attempting burying negative ones, in addition to other tips. The technique is very baseline, using various management tools to display or cloak characteristics of a business, its employees, and sometimes the business owner themselves. Basically, making sure everyone sees what your business wants them to see thus protecting your brand.

While this is a starting point, amongst other techniques, this approach on its own will not be enough.

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What Reputation Management Really Means

With this approach, reputation is manageable and can be loosely “controlled”. Having the correct thing in place in the right spaces can help shape how people view the business, providing consistency across the board.

Inter Sytee always considers our hyper-transparent, inter-connected world. The concealment approach can be super tricky. By attempting to “hide” any bad reviews or comments from social media feeds or the first page of search engine results, we are using the positive to outweigh the negative. This helps improve reputation in the short-term by merely cloaking negativity, but as mentioned before the goal is long-term. So working to earn the positive reviews, articles, press releases, etc. are a part of the multi-level process. These paired with our other management techniques offer short and long-term results your business will appreciate!


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